Attend Game Play practices. Those practices are specific for learning how to play  the game of roller derby. Game Play practices occur when Boot Camp is not in  session.  

Read the rules! Go to Start by reading the Glossary. Read both the actual rules, and the casebook that presents specific scenarios. Read just a section or two at a time – don’t try to read all the rules in one sitting!  

To test your understanding of the rules – and to make learning them more fun – go to Roller Derby Test O’matic, This site quizzes you via a series of multiple-choice questions. Once you answer a question (right or wrong!), you can follow a link to the relevant section of the rules, to solidify your understanding of the correct answer. You can also download an app for your phone, though the app doesn’t have links to the rules.  

Once you have a handle on the rules, watch some more derby! See the bouts archived at