nd here’s a quick rundown of our membership options. Let me know if you think there should be more/less information on either post. We’re hoping to get it rolled out fairly quickly for our transfer skater.Because of COVID, we are not currently requiring members to pay dues. However, to become an official SickTown member you will need to sign the conduct form (attached). We believe that derby is for everyone and strive to make our league an inclusive place. We need it now more than ever!When we get back to skating, we have two membership options: full membership or toe stop membership.
Full Memberships:
Full members have access to all level-appropriate practices, and all open skates and are encouraged to attend as many as possible!
Full members pay $30 per month in dues.
Full members are expected to attend all large fundraising events (Red Dress Party, The Big O, Car Washes) as a volunteer.
Full members are expected to attend three other outreach events during the year (Open Streets, Parades, etc.).
If a member is unable to attend these events, they must pay $10 per event they cannot attend (up to $60/year).
Scholarships are available.
Toe Stop Memberships:
Toe Stop members might not wish to commit to a full membership but still desire to be a part of the league and have skating access in Sick Town’s space.
Toe Stop members pay $60/year ($5/month). This membership must be purchased in 6-month increments ($30 payment that is good for 6 months).
Toe Stop members may attend one skate per month as covered by dues. After that skaters may purchase a punch card or pay a $5 drop-in fee to skate up to 4 times per month.
Toe Stop members are not required to volunteer at events but may do so to earn free skate sessions. 
Toe Stop members do not have voting privileges at league meetings and are not bout eligible.Both of these membership options allow you to skate and get to know our league members! Decide which one is best for you (You can always switch if you decide you need to!) and let me know if you’d like to become a full member or a toe stop member!