About Us

Our Mission:
We swear to spread the infectious sport of Roller Derby wherever we go, contaminating all that think they are immune to our hip checks, body blocks and awesome jamming. We offer no antidote or regret for the rapid escalation of contaminated STDD supporters and will continue to expand our league, teams, and fans with this outbreak of DERBY FEVER. We Are Contagious!

Sick Town Derby Dames is a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to providing women of the mid-Willamette Valley with the opportunity to participate in roller derby at the amateur level while also experiencing a welcoming, strengthening, and accepting form of self-improvement. We also provide the same positive opportunities to young women (aged 11-17) through our junior derby program.

Sick Town is also committed to supporting the surrounding community through active participation in local events, volunteering for benevolent causes, and hosting charities at our sporting events.