Support Rink on the Brink: Sick Town needs a new roof!

Help us … please!

The Sick Town Derby Dames and the Willamette Roller Derby League are asking for your help with replacing our roller rink’s roof.

There are plenty of easy ways to donate.

  • Send a check to:
    Willamette Roller Derby
    2397 Kings Blvd. #198
    Corvallis, OR 97330
  • Or use the Paypal donate button on our website


Donate to help us get a new roof for our rink!

Last week’s heavy rains resulted in a BIG leak in the roof of the rink. Here’s the puddle from the BIG leak on our beautiful wood skating floor.

Our League was formed in September 2008 and shortly after became a 501c3 Nonprofit. In October 2013 we purchased the historic skating rink north of Corvallis formerly known as the Lake Park Roller Rink.

The rink was built in 1923 and is the 3rd oldest roller rink in the Pacific Northwest, according to Benton County historical resources survey. The building is unique due to a special zoning overlay that restricts its use to alcohol-free skating and dancing only. The roller rink has been a part of so many lives. From Corvallis to Monmouth to Salem, community members all have stories about the rink.

Shortly after we purchased the rink, the local Fire Marshall declared the building unsafe to use. Thanks to the incredible efforts of volunteers, structural improvements were made to the building and it successfully passed inspections in April 2016.

Now that the Sick Town Derby Dames are back in the rink we face a new dilemma. The building is in desperate need of a new roof. One rainy night there were 17 leaks on the skating floor that the skaters had to maneuver around. The last heavy rain left a huge puddle and roof debris on the rink’s floor. Currently the wooden floor is in great condition, but that won’t last long if it continues to rain inside the rink!

We need to raise this money ASAP to repair the roof this summer. We need your help! Please consider donating whatever amount you can to help preserve this rink on the brink.

Click here to learn more about our Rink on the Brink Fundraiser.

**Financial donations are tax deductible!**